8/05  portland, or S1 w/Cosmic Siblings and Ancient Pools
  8/01  olympia, wa Motel 7 w/Giselle and Deja Blue
  7/30  seattle, wa Fremont Abbey Arts Center w/Florist
  7/29  portland, or Lola's Room w/Florist
  7/23  missoula, mt Wave & Circuit w/Goose Motel and Katana
  7/19  spokane, wa Lucky You Lounge Basement
  7/17  pullman, wa Washington State University
  7/15  denver, co Nude City Relief Center w/Sorsin Karr, Scout Gillett, and Katy Rea
  7/13  madison, wi Communication w/Glassmen and Grimm/Sexe
  7/12  minneapolis, mn Gray House w/LCM and Alone-a
  7/11  chicago, il Big Forever w/Warm Human and RXM Babability
  7/07  grand haven, mi In The Clouds w/Silent Spirit, JITR, and Mel'n
  7/06  port huron, mi SchwonkSoundstead w/Grovfu
  7/05  toronto, canada Jersey House w/Big Buff and Vixu & Harper
  7/02  portland, me Apohadian Theater w/Other Order and Marcia
  6/29  boston, ma Brookline Lunch w/Lexi Havlin and Ali McGuirk
  6/28  providence, ri House Show w/Death Vessel
  6/26  rollinsford, nh Sue's w/Elyphant and Luv Spell
  6/24  brooklyn, nyc Flowers for all Occasions w/Matt Bachmann
  6/23  philadelphia, pa Window Room w/Ana Wolfe, Slow Ref, and The Worm
  6/21  richmond, va Sediment Arts w/Plastic Pyramid, M4DF4C3, and Aesthetic Barrier
  6/20  baltimore, md 5th Dimension w/Jason Charney and Khristian Weeks
  6/18  asheville, nc Revolve w/Barrel Blood
  6/17  nashville, tn The East Room w/Macseal, Pool Kids, and Z
  6/16  liberty, tn Short Mountain Sanctuary w/Dreaming Figurines
  6/15  birmingham, al The Nick w/Coral, Black Plastique, Shaheed and DJ Supreme
  6/14  athens, ga Flicker w/Lydia Brambila, Madelune Polites, and Ariel Ackerly
  6/13  atlanta, ga Mother w/Taves, Tatum Ennis, and Follicles
  6/11  st.augustine, fl Tonevendor w/Hannah Marshall and Teresa Rose
  6/09  gainesville, fl Portal 4 w/Millenial Matter and Battery Power
  6/05  new orleans, la Wonderland w/Palm Sunday and Ajai
  6/04  denton, tx Backyard on Bell w/Maple and Memoretic
  6/03  austin, tx Cheer Up Charlies w/Pelvis Wrestley and Tasi
  5/31  albuquerque, nm Corpus Arts w/Alonerly, Ramonda Holiday, Annie Fish, and Emily Hutchings
  5/30  phoenix, az Big Surf w/Diners and Raquel Denis
  5/29  tijuana, mexico Nett Nett w/Delta Sine and EJIVAL
  5/28  landers, ca Landers Brew Co. w/Victoria Williams
  5/27  san diego, ca Soda Bar w/Giveaway and Language of Flowers
  5/26  los angeles, ca PAM w/Pari, Dovestone, and DJ Olive Kimoto
  5/25  santa cruz, ca Subrosa w/Wizard Apprentice
  5/24  oakland, ca Martial Arts w/Wizard Apprentice, Cuntstomer Servixxx and Iceblink
  5/23  sacramento, ca Verge Center for the Arts w/Spellling, Wizard Apprentice, and Byron Lynch
  5/04  berkeley, ca 2727 California Street w/Julius Smack, Beast Nest, and Cat Mahatta
  4/08  santa clarita, ca CalArts @California Electronic Music Exchange Concert 2019
  3/30  oakland, ca Space Station w/Telo Telo, Desiree Cannon, and Polly Zonk
  3/16  san francisco, ca BFF.fm Studios w/SOAR and Sleep Fight
  2/27  san francisco, ca Great American Music Hall @NOISEPOP 2019 w/Baths, Wizard Apprentice and There's Talk
  1/26  oakland, ca Mills College @Tech Intersections: Womxn of Color in Computing


12/14  oakland, ca The Hole w/Michele Seippel, thruoutin, and r beny
11/17  berkeley, ca 2727 California Street w/Beast Nest, p.a.i.n., and Scissoring
10/23  oakland, ca The Space Station w/Stephen Steinbrink, Little Angry, and Matt Bachmann
10/05  san francisco, ca Swedish American Hall w/Yumi Zouma
  9/30  moscow, id Slice @MODEST MUSIC FEST
  9/29  moscow, id One World Cafe @MODEST MUSIC FEST
  9/28  seattle, wa Columbia City Theatre w/Bad Luck
  8/11  olympia, wa Shirro's w/Sonoda, Young Lovers, and Deja Blue
  8/10  portland, or Mississippi Studios w/Jenn Champion and My Body
  8/04  seattle, wa Volunteer Park Amphitheatre @WAINESTOCK w/Deja Blue, Generifus, + more
  7/07  seattle, wa The Neptune w/The Posies
  7/06  bellingham, wa Wild Buffalo w/The Posies
  5/31  seattle, wa The Lofi w/White Poppy, Kristian North, and Slashed Tires
  5/13  santa ana, ca The Observatory w/Mitski
  5/12  los angeles, ca Lodge Room w/Jenny Hval
  5/09  reno, nv The Holland Project w/Half Waif, Hovvdy, and Blackstallion
  5/07  boise, id The Funky Taco w/With Child
  5/05  spokane, wa Baby Bar w/Eliza Catastrophe, and Newman
  5/04  moscow, id Humble Burger w/Son Locust
  5/02  seattle, wa Timbre Room w/slowfoam, Lucy and Lucille, J$fur
  4/27  portland, or @AMP FEST 2018 w/LAKE, Oh Rose, Savila and Gillian Frances
  4/13  olga, wa Doe Bay Resort
  4/07  seattle, wa 20/20 Cycle w/Ever Ending Kicks and LAKE
  4/06  portland, or Turn! Turn! Turn! w/Ever Ending Kicks and !mindparade
  4/05  astoria, or Armory Skatepark w/Ever Ending Kicks and Flying Fish Cove
  4/03  eugene, or Wandering Goat w/Ever Ending Kicks and Bushel
  4/02  sacramento, ca Personal Location w/Ever Ending Kicks, Uself, and Ryan
  4/01  oakland, ca The Hole w/Ever Ending Kicks and Stephen Steinbrink
  3/31  santa cruz, ca Subrosa w/Ever Ending Kicks and bummerjam
  3/29  yucca valley, ca w/Ever Ending Kicks, Fingerprince, Elrond, and Maximillian
  3/28  los angeles, ca Coaxial w/Ever Ending Kicks, Harmony Tividad, and Sonoda
  3/27  san francisco, ca Fleetwood SF w/Every Ending Kicks, and Boy Scouts
  3/26  arcata, ca Outer Space w/Ever Ending Kicks and Bloodhoney
  3/25  olympia, wa The Lighthouse w/Ever Ending Kicks, Star Chi, Bobo, and Wolfgang Strutz
  3/24  anacortes, wa Kennelly Keys w/Ever Ending Kicks and John Van Deusen
  3/23  bellingham, wa Alternative Library w/Ever Ending Kicks, Glitchlette, and Razzleberry
  3/22  langley, wa Nick and Franny's w/Ever Ending Kicks and Grant Fairbrother
  3/21  friday harbor, wa Island Arts Collective w/Ever Ending Kicks, Lauren Moore, and John & Glenn
  2/13  olympia, wa Cryptatropa w/Deja Blue and Ben Zar
  1/06  portland, or Mother Foucaults @BIG BIG WEDNESDAY RELEASE w/Half Shadow


12/28  seattle, wa Neumos w/Tomo Nakayama, Lori Goldston, and Hunter Gather
12/19  reykjavik, iceland Hurra w/Pascal Pinon and dj. flugvel og geimskip
12/07  london, uk Paper Dress Vintage w/Blue Cloud and Bad News Club
12/06  manchester, uk Deaf Institute w/Alex Cameron
12/05  london, uk Scala w/Alex Cameron
12/04  nottingham, uk Bodega Social Club w/Alex Cameron
12/03  newcastle, uk The Cluny w/Alex Cameron
12/02  glasgow, uk Mono w/Alex Cameron
12/01  dublin, ireland The Worksman Club w/Alex Cameron
11/29  brighton, uk The Haunt w/Alex Cameron
11/28  amsterdam, netherlands Paradiso Noord w/Alex Cameron
11/27  brussels, belgium Le Botanique - Orangerie w/Alex Cameron
11/24  zurich, switzerland Zukunft Club w/Alex Cameron
11/22  lausanne, switzerland La Romandie w/Alex Cameron
11/21  frankfurt, germany Zoom w/Alex Cameron
11/20  berlin, germany Lido w/Alex Cameron
11/18  gothenburg, sweden Pustervik w/Jesca Hoop
11/17  stockholm, sweden Brooklyn Bar
11/16  oslo, norway John Dee w/Jesca Hoop
11/15  lund, sweden Mejeriet w/Jesca Hoop
11/13  haldern, germany Haldern Pop Bar w/Jesca Hoop
11/12  ghent, belgium Minard w/Jesca Hoop
11/11  utrecht, netherlands Le Guess Who Mini w/Figgie
11/10  groningen, netherlands Lutherse Kerk w/Jesca Hoop
11/01  brooklyn, ny Baby's All Right w/Wilsen and Gold Child
10/21  seattle, wa The Neptune Theatre w/Perfume Genius
  9/28  albuquerque, nm Small Engine Gallery w/Star Canyon and Veda Woolf
  9/27  tucson, az Club Congress w/SnackBirdy and Lano
  9/25  los angeles, ca Resident w/Maiah Manser
  9/24  phoenix, az Valley Bar w/San Fermin
  9/22  salt lake city, ut The State Room w/San Fermin
  9/21  fort collins, co Downtown Artery w/San Fermin
  9/20  denver, co Bluebird Theater w/San Fermin
  9/18  des moines, ia Vaudeville Mews w/San Fermin
  9/17  madison, wi High Noon Salon w/San Fermin
  9/16  indianapolis, in HiFi w/San Fermin
  9/15  kalamazoo, mi Bell's Eccentric Cafe Back Room w/San Fermin and Overcoats
  9/14  detroit, mi Magic Stick w/San Fermin
  9/13  chicago, il Subterranean Downstairs w/Health&Beauty and Mega Bruiser
  9/08  bellingham, wa @Sh'Bang Fest 2017
  9/06  olympia, wa Traditions @The Maker's Archive Launch Party
  9/01  olympia, wa TCTV @YDHWM
  8/27  seattle, wa Werewolf Vacation w/Lilac, DoNormaal, and Toya B
  8/04  portland, or Roofdeck at Revolution Hall w/Aldous Harding
  7/30  seattle, wa Tractor Tavern w/Aldous Harding
  7/22  snoqualmie, wa Off The Block Party 2017 w/Jo Passed, Emma Lee Toyoda, Great Spiders and more
  7/12  olympia, wa Obsidian w/Duzz, 100 Watt Horse, and The Washboard Abs
  7/06  portland, or White Owl Social Club w/Mini Blinds
  7/05  redmond, wa The Old Redmond Firehouse
  5/17  los angeles, ca The Echo w/Emel Mathlouthi
  5/16  san francisco, ca Café Du Nord w/Emel Mathlouthi
  5/15  portland, or Winningstad Theatre w/Emel Mathlouthi
  5/06  new york, ny Le Poisson Rouge w/Emel Mathlouthi
  5/05  boston, ma Brighton Music Hall w/Emel Mathlouthi
  5/04  philadelphia, pa World Cafe Live w/Emel Mathlouthi
  5/03  washington, dc DC9 w/Emel Mathlouthi
  4/22  arcata, ca Outer Space w/Hoop, Smilebright, and Julio Perdido
  4/20  los angeles, ca Top Space w/Hoop, Shana Cleveland, and Niko Escudero
  4/19  joshua tree, ca Taylor Junction w/Hoop, The Renderers and Michael Vidal
  4/18  santa barbara, ca Funzone w/Hoop, Sediment Club, Holy, and Exiter
  4/16  oakland, ca The Night Light w/Hoop and Wizard Apprentice
  4/15  davis, ca Snek House w/Hoop and Surfin Serf
  4/14  portland, or Mouther Foucault's w/Hoop, Brumes, and Cave Cricket
  4/08  bellingham, wa The New iDiOM Theatre @Bellingham Music Film Festival 2017 w/Cumulus and I Love You Avalanche
  3/02  seattle, wa 20/20 Cycle w/Shana Cleveland and Thousands
  2/24  seattle, wa Tractor Tavern w/Rural Alberta Advantage
  1/28  olympia, wa Le Voyeur w/Skrill Meadow and The Crystal Boot Comedian
  1/27  olympia, wa Track House w/Tim Woulfe and Blood Orphans


  9/30  seattle, wa The Tractor Tavern @MACEFIELD MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016
  9/18  portland, or Rontoms @RONTOMS 10TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW
  8/25  olympia, wa Bar Francis @CLONAL COLONY, an art show by Madeline Waits
  8/13  seattle, wa Hot Spot w/Nightspace, Youryoungbody, CHARMS, Wild Powwers, and Dude York
  7/16  anacortes, wa The Business w/David Bazan and Ashley Eriksson & Friends
  5/29  george, wa The Gorge @SASQUATCH 2016
  5/20  olympia, wa Obsidian w/Joe Hein, and Eye and the Arrow
  4/10  portland, or Rontoms w/Lilac and Haley Heynderickx
  4/09  oakland, ca Ridgeway House w/Lilac, Gossimer, and Vvd Wndws
  4/08  los angeles, ca Gal Palace w/Lilac, Ings, and Rachel Fannan
  4/07  isla vista, ca Dashain Co-op w/Lilac, Ings, and Katie Murray
  4/06  santa cruz, ca SubRosa w/Lilac and Fernly
  4/05  san francisco, ca The Sutro Baths Cave w/Lilac, Terror Pigeon!, Meth Dad, Genuis, and Pretty, Handsome
  4/04  sacramento, ca Eye St Co-op w/Lilac and DoofyDoo
  4/03  eugene, or The Grotto w/Lilac, Megan Johns, and Ari & her banjo
  4/02  olympia, wa Monster House w/Lilac and SEAGULLINVASION
  4/01  bellingham, wa Alternative Library w/Lilac
  3/26  seattle, wa Werewolf Vacation w/Lilac, Nightspace, and Aeon Fux
  3/25  langley, wa Kalakala w/Lilac and Ashley Eriksson
  3/23  seaview, wa The Sou'wester w/Lilac
  3/13  seattle, wa The Vera Project w/Waxahatchee and Globelamp
  3/12  spokane, wa The Bartlett w/Waxahatchee and Globelamp
  3/11  portland, or The Old Church w/Waxahatchee and Globelamp
  3/09  arcata, ca The Sanctuary w/Waxahatchee and Globelamp
  3/08  san francisco, ca The Chapel w/Waxahatchee
  3/05  los angeles, ca Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery w/Waxahatchee
  3/03  san diego, ca Irenic w/Waxahatchee and Globelamp
  2/25  seattle, wa Chop Suey w/Crater, DJ RPAL & DJ Sharlese
  2/20  seattle, wa The Triple Door @Viva Vera Gala w/Crater
  1/21  seattle, wa Kremwerk w/Nightspace, Donormaal, Pleather, & Jiu Jitsu


12/20  seattle, wa Chop Suey @ArtAche Holiday Market w/DJ Explorateur & DJ One Eye
12/06  seattle, wa Glass Box @Rose Gold Pop-Up w/Hoop, Lilac, and DJs Yung Luce & Yung Leen
11/20  baden, switzerland Royal w/Nadine Carina, and Pyrit
11/19  madrid, spain Cats w/Son Lux
11/18  barcelona, spain La 2 de Apolo w/Son Lux
11/16  biarritz, france L'Atabal w/Son Lux
11/15  stockholm, sweden Berns w/Father John Misty
11/11  groningen, netherlands Vera w/Isbells
11/09  bristol, uk The Lantern w/Jenny Hval and Eartheater
11/08  manchester, uk Soup Kitchen w/Jenny Hval
11/07  london, uk St. John Church at Hackney @Illuminations w/Josh T. Pearson, Richard Dawson, and Let's Eat Grandma
11/05  glasgow, uk Hug & Pint w/Jenny Hval
10/16  new york, ny Elvis' Guest House @SECRETLY GROUP CMJ SHOWCASE
10/15  new york, ny Sofar Sounds CMJ Showcase
10/15  new york, ny Rockwood Music Hall @CMJ Showcase - Stage 3
10/10  seattle, wa Neumos @REYKJAVIK CALLING w/SassyBlack, Mammut, dj. flugvel og geimskip, and Midday Veil
  9/27  seattle, wa The Triple Door @DECIBEL FESTIVAL w/Eskmo and Strategy
  9/20  los angeles, ca The Roxy w/Jenny Hval
  9/19  phoenix, az Valley Bar w/Jenny Hval and Cherie Cherie
  9/17  dallas,tx Three Links w/Jenny Hval and Lily Taylor
  9/16  austin,tx Holy Mountain w/Jenny Hval and Cross Record
  9/14  atlanta, ga The Earl w/Jenny Hval and Nerdkween
  9/13  liberty, tn Short Mountain Sanctuary
  9/12  asheville, nc Tiger Mountain w/NOTS and Mimicking Birds
  9/11  richmond, va Strange Matter w/Jenny Hval
  9/09  washington, dc DC9 w/Jenny Hval
  9/08  philadelphia, pa Boot & Saddle w/Jenny Hval
  9/06  brooklyn, ny Rough Trade w/Jenny Hval
  9/05  montreal, qc, canada Bar Le Ritz w/Jenny Hval and Apigeon
  9/04  toronto, on, canada The Drake w/Jenny Hval
  9/03  chicago, il Constellation w/Jenny Hval
  9/02  iowa city, ia The Mill w/Jenny Hval and Dagmar
  9/01  minneapolis, mn 7th St Entry w/Jenny Hval
  8/29  seattle, wa Barboza w/Jenny Hval
  8/28  vancouver, bc, canada The Cobalt w/Jenny Hval and Mu
  8/27  portland, or Mississippi Studios w/Jenny Hval
  8/25  san francisco, ca The Chapel w/Jenny Hval
  8/23  seattle, wa Sonicboom
  8/21  brecon, uk @GREEN MAN FESTIVAL
  8/20  london, uk Servant Jazz Quarters
  8/19  paris, france Nuba
  8/18  amsterdam, netherlands De Roode Bioscoop w/Amber Arcades
  8/14  rochester, wa @HELSING JUNCTION 2015 w/Sick Sad World, Arrington De Dionyso, + more
  8/07  olympia, wa @GOBLIN FEST 2015 w/Thunderwerld, Zoe HD, Fruit Juice, Neoglyphic Media, Poppet, and Holy Komodo
  6/15  seattle, wa Kremwerk w/USF, Force Publique, The Lady B, & DJ Veins
  6/02  brooklyn, ny Achilles Heel
  6/01  brooklyn, ny Baby's All Right w/Domino Kirke
  5/29  seattle, wa Kremwerk w/Natasha Kmeto, Katie Kate, and Myani
  5/24  seattle, wa Chop Suey w/So Pitted and Grave Babies
  5/02  seattle, wa Salmon Town w/Hannsen, Naturebot, and YourYoungBody
  5/01  portland, or Doug Fir w/Waxahatchee and Girlpool
  4/04  seattle, wa Black Lodge w/Heatwarmer, Sick Sad World, and Dude York
  3/08  seattle, wa Northwest Film Forum @International Women's Day 2015 film screening w/Lynn Shelton
  2/27  san francisco, ca Swedish American Hall @NOISE POP 2015 w/Grouper, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist
  2/13  portland, or xchurch w/Oh, Rose and Leena Joshi
  1/22  seattle, wa Gallery 1412 @HOLD TIGHT TO A THING THAT MOVES: VOLUME 3 w/DJ Elle
  1/17  seattle, wa Cairo @EXPO 92 w/Mom Butt, Posse, Leena Joshi, Magic Fades, and Dude York
  1/14  seattle, wa High Dive w/Children of Kids and Tessitura


12/15  seattle, wa Kremwerk w/Richie Dagger's Crime, Coreena, and Red Alder
11/28  seattle, wa The Future w/Murmur Ring and Geological Creep
11/25  seattle, wa The Vera Project w/Celestial Shore and Iji
10/28  seattle, wa Hollow Earth Radio w/Ings and Green Hills Alone
10/05  bellingham, wa The Old Foundry @FIERCE FEST
10/04  seattle, wa The Josephine @Exploding Daydream
  9/24  seattle, wa Magic Lanes w/Gar Pal and Curran Foster
  9/05  seattle, wa Gallery 1412 w/Lilac and Geological Creep
  8/29  olympia, wa The Guest House w/Heatwarmer, Generifus, and Eliot Eidelman
  8/10  vancouver b.c., canada Franklin Studios @SHOUT BACK! FEST w/Old Girl, Doctor Sleep, Beast Nest, etc.
  8/02  seattle, wa Magic Lanes w/Katie Jacobson, Miles Wick, and Alex Rather-Taylor
  7/27  olympia, wa The Monster House @GOBLIN FEST 2014 w/Holy Komodo, Fake Sick, and Curved Graves
  6/27  seattle, wa Cairo w/Punishment, David Kanaga, and llinxgroup
  6/08  bellingham, wa Make.Shift @TUMMY FEST w/Imaginary Pants, Autococoon, Tyson Ballew, and Cumulus
  5/24  seattle, wa Heartland @RIP FEST w/Lilac, Tummy, etc.
  5/09  olympia, wa The Guest House w/Holy Komodo, Rainbow Girls, and Sunshine & Irony
  4/12  seattle, wa Toast @BALLARD ARTSWALK w/Joe Rudko, Kelly Bjork, and Patrick Orange
  3/15  new orleans, la The Abandoned Strip Mall w/Crunchy Person, Local Honey, and Golden Delicious
  3/06  seattle, wa Heartland w/Youryoungbody and Bardo:Basho
  1/30  seattle, wa Magic Lanes w/Jose Diaz Rohena and Daniel Francis Doyle
  1/21  seattle, wa Vermillion w/NAVVI and To Hide Our Numbers


12/05  seattle, wa Atlas Space w/Heatwarmer and Punishment
  8/30  seattle, wa Hollow Earth Radio @BUMMERSHOOT w/Try the Pie, Willpower, Vivian James, and The Webs
  8/28  olympia, wa The Barn w/Curved Graves and Poppet
  8/27  eugene, or The Wandering Goat w/Curved Graves and Lady Paw
  8/25  oakland, wa The Speakeasy w/Curved Graves, Former Selves, People's Palms, and Gossimer
  8/24  san francisco, ca The Vortex Room w/Curved Graves, Nick Garrie, and Alana Amram
  8/23  los angeles, ca Pehrspace w/Curved Graves and Brian Griffith
  8/20  davis, ca Third Space w/Curved Graves and Animal Spirits
  8/19  portland, or The Record Room w/Curved Graves and Hugo Berlin
  8/15  tacoma, wa House of Gore w/Curved Graves and Walt the Fish
  8/14  bellingham, wa The Peach w/Curved Graves, Go Slowpoke, and Dear Rabbit
  8/13  vancouver b.c., canada The Orchard House w/Curved Graves, Waters, and Dr. Nothing
  8/12  seattle, wa The Latona House w/Curved Graves and Hedge Hag
  8/09  darrington, wa @SUMMER MELTDOWN FEST 2013
  7/06  seattle, wa Heartland w/Ashley Eriksson, Stephen Steinbrink, and Filardo
  6/30  bellingham, wa Big Box Candy Mountain @FEMpowerment Music and Art Fest 2013 w/SiLM
  6/22-23  portland, or The Firehouse @FOC FEST 2013 w/Older Women, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Like a Villain, Focus Troup, and Golden Hour
  6/02  seattle, wa Hollow Earth Radio w/Iji, Eleanor Murray, and PageMasters
  5/27  seattle, wa The Vera Project @SEATTLE FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL 2013 - K records showcase w/Kendl Winter and Meowtain
  4/05  seattle, wa The Comet Tavern w/Malaikat dan Singa, Yada Yada Blues Band, and Hotel Vignette
  3/29  tacoma, wa @TAKE BACK THE NIGHT Oppenheimer Cafe - University of Puget Sound w/Micaela Cooley and Bardo:Basho
  3/26  seattle, wa Another Dream w/Kevin Greenspon, Nicole Kidman, Punishment, and Shivering Window
  3/22  anacortes, wa The White House w/Brumes, Eleanor Murray, and Autococoon
  3/16  olympia, wa The Guest House w/Aantarticaa and Hungry Cloud Darkening
  3/10  seattle, wa Hollow Earth Radio w/White Poppy, Pleasure Beauties, and Holy Balm
  3/02  seattle, wa The Mystery Machine w/Iji, Go Slowpoke, Penny Dreadfuls, and Chloe Carson
  2/22  seattle, wa Heartland w/Amenta Abioto and OCnotes
  2/21  seattle, wa Black Coffee Coop @POCATECH Benefit for People's Organization for Community Acupuncture
  1/18  olympia, wa Shama Lama Ding Dong w/Stephen Steinbrink, Ever Ending Kicks, and Ohioan


12/13  olympia, wa Le Voyeur w/Poppet, William Ingrid, and Hot Fruit
10/27  astoria, or Mooseheart w/Jessie Carsten and the Half Shadow band, Nimbus, and Gregg Skloff
10/25  seattle, wa Die Alone w/Younger Shoulder, A Year without Summer, Haniwa Horse, and Improvisations by Erin Birgy
10/20  bellingham, wa Make.Shift w/H8R and Cassiopeia
10/09  olympia, wa Northern w/Memory Boys, Dragon Lee, and Capillary Action
  9/04  olympia, wa Sizizis w/Janina Angel Bath, Lost Lockets, and China Star
  9/01  portland, or @FOC FEST 2012 w/Like A Villain, Ragana, Giggles, Mount Mazama, and My Parade
  8/26  rochester, wa @HELSING JUNCTION 2012 w/Kendl Winter, Chris Sand, P.E.T.S. etc.
  8/03  olympia, wa The Barn w/Kaytlin Williams, Young Cousin, Crow, and the Drippers
  7/02  seattle, wa Seasick Halfshell Embassy w/Sundance Kids, Generifus, and Aaron Kempley
  6/30  boise, id The Crux w/Sundance Kids and Grandma Kelsey
  6/29  salt lake city, ut Tim's House w/Sundance Kids, The Awful Truth, and Tim Myers
  6/28  fort collins, co GNU Gallery w/Sundance Kids
  6/27  denver, co Molar House w/Sundance Kids, Caz, and Sacred Salamander
  6/26  albuquerque, nm Glitter Factory w/Sundance Kids, Star Canyon, and Glitter Vomit
  6/25  amarillo, tx The 806 w/Sundance Kids
  6/24  tulsa, ok Dwelling Spaces w/Sundance Kids and Ian Picco
  6/23  fayetteville, ar Sound Warehouse w/Richard Album, Balloons, Diners, Tugboat and Sinbad
  6/22  kansas city, mo Blarney Stone w/Richard Album
  6/21  st.louis, mo Mrs. McCormick's Yard w/Sundance Kids, Ghosts I Have Been, and BurnBridge
  6/18  chicago, il Ball Hall w/Sundance Kids, Jimmy Whispers and Jacuzzi Spa
  6/17  milwaukee, wi The Borg Ward w/Ramshackle Glory
  6/16  ann arbor/ypsilanti, mi 605 N Congress w/ Wall Walkers and Douglas Lane Allen
  6/15  columbus, oh Villa Villa Keula w/kathryn keister, Sovroncourt, and Voyage in Coma
  6/14  dayton, oh 253 E. Hillcrest Ave w/Alli King, M. Ross Perkins and Normal Torso
  6/12  rochester, ny Meddlesome Lab w/Payton Marovich, Seth Faergolzia, and Nasa Sent Wolves
  6/11  ithaca, ny Ghostcat w/rye n clover
  6/09  putnam, ct The Stomping Ground
  6/07  boston, ma White Haus w/dawn fauna, mia friedman, and missing mars
  6/06  providence, ri 186 Carpenter w/Liz Isenberg and Omnivore
  6/03  brooklyn, ny Goodbye Blue Monday
  6/01  brooklyn, ny Rufus Rukus gallery w/Jesse Vasquez
  5/31  philadelphia, pa Magic Pictures w/kate ferencz and snow caps
  5/30  baltimore, md Falls/Down w/Shy Violet, Which Magic, and Chester Gwazda
  5/29  charlottesville, va Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar w/Nelly Kate and Errantry
  5/28  richmond, va 13ainbridge Collective w/Nelly Kate and Michele Seippel
  5/26  asheville, nc Izzy's w/Electrophonic Ghost and %
  5/25  athens, ga Plush Palace w/WereWyatt
  5/24  jacksonville, fl 2258 Dellwood w/bright orange, ascetic, cheryl borja, and koas
  5/19  st. petersburg, fl The Venture Compound w/Tree and Water, Nicholas Rejack, Leveret, Infinite Third, Noctambulo, and Lovebrrd
  5/18  orlando, fl Uncle Lou's w/A.J. Herring & Kris Gruda, C.A.N.S, and Plibt
  5/17  seaside, fl Central Square Records
  5/16  new orleans, la The Spacebar w/Skarks' Teeth and Ben Jones
  5/15  shreveport, la The Laundry Room w/Songbird, Chelsea Norman, and Lesli Michelle Hillman
  5/14  houston, tx Super Happy Fun Land w/Love Horse
  5/13  austin, tx Wardenclyffe Gallery w/Ruby Fray, Benjamin Cissner, Slum Darlin, and Carlton Bostock
  5/09  tucson, az Skrappy's w/Run-on sunshine, Wooly Mammoth, and Arthur Burnes is dead
  5/08  phoenix, az Trunkspace w/Barren Nieces and Michelle Blades
  5/07  flagstaff, az The Cottage House w/Psychic Feline, Cuddle Magic, and Sinbad
  5/05  los angeles, ca Elisa's House w/Hotel La Rut and Jemima Surrender
  5/03  santa barbara, ca The Biko w/Shenandoah Davis and Ian Cooke
  4/30  oakland, ca The Lighthouse w/Shenandoah Davis and Ian Cooke
  4/29  san francisco, ca Amnesia w/JJAAXXNN and DJ Make-Believe
  4/28  san francisco, ca The Vortex Room w/Djin Aquarian and The Northerlies
  4/27  davis, ca Robot Rocket Residence w/Sean Johansson and The Young Mings
  4/26  chico, ca Cafe Flo w/The Comfy Chairs
  4/23  portland, or SoHiTek Gallery w/Like a Villain and Sarcastic Dharma Society
  4/22  tacoma, wa 808 House w/Like a Villain and Haniwa Horse
  4/21  seattle, wa The Funny Button w/Like a Villain, Cumulus, and Chocolate Chuck
  4/20  bellingham, wa The Lavender House w/Like a Villain, Hungry Cloud Darkening, and Zach Zinn
  4/19  olympia, wa Olyphant w/Like a Villain and Poppet
  4/15  bellingham, wa @YELLINGHAM 2012
  3/03  seattle, wa The Chapel w/Heather Perkins and Christi Denton
  1/19  olympia, wa The ABC House w/Arrington de Dionyso, Larkin Grimm, and LAKE
  1/07  olympia, wa 2523 Conger Ave. w/CRUMBS and Romantic Feelings


12/15  olympia, wa Le Voyeur w/Lady Lazarus and Kendl Winter
12/03  olympia, wa The DEF House w/Malaikat dan Singa, Penny Dreadfuls, and Jeffrey Lewis
11/19  seattle, wa The In @FRIENDSGIVING w/Orca Team and Casy & Brian
10/14  portland, or Disjecta @ELECTROGALS 2011 w/Tender Forever, Heather Perkins, Marisa Anderson, Cheetah Finesse, etc.
  9/30  olympia, wa The DEF House w/Ruby Fray, Penny Dreadfuls, and Dana Jewell & the Hungry Hearts
  9/23  seattle, wa The Josephine w/Iji, Idiot Glee, and Stefan Gruber
  9/22  seattle, wa The Funny Button @FUNNY BUTTON FEST w/Megabog, Karl Blau, Kusikia, etc.
  8/04  olympia, wa The DEF House w/Adrian Orange and Penny Dreadfuls
  5/29  seattle, wa @SEATTLE FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL 2011 w/Jenny Jenkins and June Madrona
  5/21  olympia, wa The Olympia Ballroom w/Ben Kamen and Taylor Newcomb
  1/22  olympia, wa Grandma's House w/Like a Villain and Chung Antique


12/11  olympia, wa The Castle @MIKROFEST w/Outdoor Voices, The Maxines, Mona Reels, etc.
11/23  olympia, wa Chez Puget w/Generifus and Rebecca Redman
11/20  seattle, wa Healthy Times Fun Club @FRIENDSGIVING w/Motorbikes and Nicholas Wilbur & Allyson Foster
  9/21  portland, or Rooftop Show
  9/18  davis, ca Robot Rocket Residence w/Sundance Kids, Generifus, Kevin Greenspon, and Vehicle Blues
  9/17  goleta, ca Pink Mailbox w/Sundance Kids and Remambran
  9/15  santa cruz, ca 131 Belmont St. w/Sundance Kids, Generifus, and Lior
  9/13  oakland, ca We Art Space w/Sundance Kids, and Ayla Nereo
  9/11  seattle, wa Pet Seminary w/Sundance Kids, Chestnut Collection, and Mill Kids
  9/10  bellingham, wa The Hoot House w/Sundance Kids and Chestnut Collection
  9/09  anacortes, wa The Business w/Sundance Kids and Chestnut Collection
  9/08  olympia, wa The Castle w/Sundance Kids, Twig Palace, and Woman is a Dangercat
  9/02  olympia, wa Grandma's House w/Motorbikes and Takhoma
  8/19  olympia, wa Loft Rooftop Show w/XOX, Young Cousin, and Little Angry
  8/01  olympia, wa The Alamingo w/XOX and Fig & Sparrow
  7/15  olympia, wa Dixon's House w/Shelby Sifers, Jordaan Mason, and The Ocean Floor
  5/14  bellingham, wa The Hoot House w/Flicker, Mary Mary, & Caethua
  5/14  bellingham, wa @ENDFAIR at WWU
  2/12  olympia, wa The Loft w/Ellie Fortune, Mason Lindahl, and Eleanor Murray


12/12  olympia, wa The Womb w/Dragging an Ox Through Water, New Red Sun, and Death of Millie Blackspoon III
11/21  olympia, wa Last Word Books @GENDERJAM w/Cumulus, Eleanor Murray, Pet Dander, and Little Swamp
  8/13  seattle, wa The Madison House w/Andy Abelow
  7/09  olympia, wa The Northern w/Pwrfl Pwr and Groves
  7/13  olympia, wa The Cob Cottage w/Morgan Orion, More Eats, Jack F.E., and Bunny Zewt Suit
  6/27  bellingham, wa The Ground Floor Gallery @LADYFEST BELLINGHAM
  6/19  olympia, wa The Finger Complex @VARIETY SHOW w/Oh Foot!, Friday Nite Midnite, and Shelby Turner
  6/10  olympia, wa @GEODUCK FEST - Red Square at The Evergreen State College
  5/31  olympia, wa The Finger Complex w/Adam Jessup, Will Frith, and XOX
  5/18  olympia, wa The Supershed w/Cicada Sound Collective and Jenny Jenkins
  5/02  olympia, wa Grandma's House w/SEAGULLINVASION, Harrison, and June Madrona
  4/29  olympia, wa The Finger Complex w/The Blanket Truth, Gordon Baker, and Dana Jewell
  2/14  seattle, wa Starship Submarine w/Feather Mountain and Echo Beatty
  2/14  olympia, wa The Mandible w/Jenny Jenkins, Eleanor Murray, Letters, and Black Tail Deer
  1/31  olympia, wa The Petting Zoo w/Twig Palace, Wisdom Tooth, Benjamin Blake, and Eleanor Murray


12/28  olympia, wa The Finger Complex w/Sundance Kids and Michael Morris
11/20  olympia, wa The 4th Ave. Tavern w/Jes Raymond
11/10  olympia, wa The Abe Kapp Museum w/The Impossible Shapes, Calvin Johnson, and The Mona Reels
10/23  olympia, wa The Blueberry Patch
  8/17  olympia, wa The Finger Complex w/Ariel Birks, Small Sur, Dash!, and Johanna Kunin
  7/16  olympia, wa Amy's House w/Ariel Birks, Andrew Lane, Madame Zero, and Shelby Turner
  7/11  olympia, wa The Finger Complex w/Queen of Refuse, The Old Believers, Lusty Leaf, and Sundance Kids
  6/13  olympia, wa The Finger Complex w/Tim Curry Bear, Yoghurt, Twig Bird Leaf, and Feather Mountain
  6/06  olympia, wa Java Flow w/Meredith Connie
  5/03  olympia, wa The Finger Complex w/The Symptoms, Milkshake Apocalypse, and Dusty Santa Marie
  4/06  olympia, wa The Finger Complex w/The Gift Machine, Milkshake Apocalypse, and Karl Blau
  3/15  olympia, wa The Pleasuredome w/Adam Jessup, and Sundance Kids