Farthest Shore, 2017 HD Digital
Co-Directed by Bobby McHugh and Briana Marela
Director of Photography: Eleanor Petry 
Starring Briana Marela, Asenath Lizárraga, and Natalie Day
Farthest Shore is inspired by and takes the name of the Ursula K. LeGuin book, The Farthest Shore. This song and video has a focus on accepting and fearing the unknown as well as my own mortality in the context of being a creative person. Paralleling creativity with magical elements of the book and visually drawing on night terrors that I have experienced throughout my life.
Styling: Meg Schmitt 
H&M: Lisa Boehm 
Edit: Camille Durand 
Color: Eleanor Petry and Tristan Seniuk 
EFX: Christopher Harrell & Freddy Dobler 

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