Photo of Briana Marela and Sally Decker by Nathan Kosta

Small Tremble In Slow Motion opens as a guided meditation. Through monologue, two storytellers emerge in a non-linear daydream, drifting between poetic cadence and plain spoken narrative. Together they tell a story of grief that shows up in the body before the mind, and engage in the revelation of new aspects of self that are exposed and activated in experiences of loss. These dreamscapes follow the grasping rhythms of the subconscious; words become texture within layers of self-study and self-tending. The final and title track, an improvised performance, offers resolution through a striking shift in tone. In opposition to the reflective, wandering pace of the composed material, the two voices engage in immediate mutual expression. Small Tremble In Slow Motion explores the expansive possibilities of being present with oneself within experiences of deep emotional contraction such as grief and loss.
This album is the result of a collaboration between Sally Decker and Briana Marela throughout the months of February to May of 2021 during a remote artist residency with Qubit in NYC. Small Tremble In Slow Motion was initially conceived as an audio-visual piece and performance, and has now branched into a number of forms.
Released on June 10th 2022, on Surface World. 
Here is the list of shows we played together in 2022 to celebrate the release:
8/14 San Francisco, CA Adobe Books
8/13 Los Angeles, CA Debs Park @Feels Like Floating
8/12 Los Angeles, CA Something Poetic
7/29 Oakland, CA Martial Arts
7/11 Philadelphia, PA Vox Populi
7/10 Baltimore, MD The Crown
7/09 Washington, D.C. Rhizome
7/08 Brooklyn, NY Art Cake
7/07 Hudson, NY Basilica Hudson
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